Grains, beans, nuts and seeds are all actually seeds, and… WE CAN PACKAGE THEM FOR YOU! We own cutting edge pouching machinery capable of packaging seeds as small as chia or cañawa and as large as peanuts. Feel free to contact us, learn more and get a quote.

*All necessary precautions will be taken to avoid cross contamination between food supplies in the use of the equipment.




    When you feed chia seeds to horses it helps them with joint inflammations; digestions and bowl movement; sand clearing; metabolic issues, such as Insulin Resistance or Chushing's Syndrome, among others. Chia seeds also benefit their coat and bring out a natural shine; along with preventing allergies from mosquitos bites and naturally calms nervous or jittery horses.

    Horses that eat chia seeds as a daily supplement are protected against possible colics, diverticulitis outbreaks; and chia seeds are also used on horses to treat ulcers.

    Chia seeds are rich in amino acids, meaning it holds the complete set of amino acids necessary to form plant-based protein (the healthiest kind of protein in the world). Chia seeds also naturally have antioxidants built in which help with the storage and prevent all the essential oils (omega 3 and 6) from spoiling. These small seeds are a great supplement for bone health for horses since it contains calciuum, phospohorus, magnesium, potassium, Iron, Zing and Copper, all which aid in bone strengthening and maintenance.

    Chia seeds provide your horse with strenght; stamina, a reinforced immune system; essential fatty oils and a perfect rate of Omega-3s (ALA) to Omega-6s. Besides, horses seem to like chia seed's nutty flavor and prefer it over flax seeds. Moreover, you can feed the chia seeds without grinding or hydrating them. Just put them on top of their normal feed these seeds will get fully digested, no problem.


    The recommended dosage for an average sized horse, wich ranges from 380 - 600+ kg is one scoop of 2 ounces or 56,7 gr or 2 Tbsp.

    FOR SPECIAL CASES: to prevent or treat ulcers or for rescue dosages, you can double the daily serving. That is, feed the horse 2 oz. (56,7 grs or 2 Tbsp.) twice daily with their normal feed. Please note that everytime you are introducing a new feed or supplement to your horse, do it slowly and increase the servings progressively while keeping a close eye on the effects they are having on your horse.