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    Sterilized with Ozone Treatment
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    Harvested from farms in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay;
    cleansed and ozonized in Bolivia; stored and packed in the USA.

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High Quality seeds

From the Best Farms in South America


Zors Foods ensures high quality products by applying experience which we have cultivated over years of harvesting chia crops and by using the latest technologies in the pre-cleaning, cleaning, selecting and sterilizing stages of this Super Food. Zors Food guarantees consistency and excellence.


  • Sterilized with Natural Ozone Treatment

    "Ozonation is a short and modern process that ensures that our chia seeds are optimized for human consumption. It involves the use of ozone as a sterilizing agent, a relatively new application in the USA. Zors Food ozonizes our chia seeds to ensure the elimination of any pathogenic organisms; viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, etc., from our products, making Zors Food chia seeds the best in the market.

    Previous to ozonation, our chia seeds are tested in a laboratory to ensure 99.95% purity and quality. It is only then that the chia seeds are placed in a special ozonation chamber where ozone is released. The ozone remains in the chamber with the chia seeds for the amount of time necessary for it to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and any odors that should not be there. After the ozone sterilizes the chia it eliminates itself by decomposing into oxygen.

  • NON-GMO Certified

    Non-GMO means not genetically modified, something that is quite common and controversial in foods products nowadays. At Zors Foods we believe that people should know if what they are eating was engineered in a laboratory or not. Therefore, we partnered-up with the Non-GMO Project – a nonprofit organization that certifies products that have not been genetically modified – in order to show that our chia seeds are NOT genetically modified but completely natural.

    To do so, Zors Food practices must be in compliance with the Non-GMO Project's Product Verification Program (PVP). The core requirements in this program are threefold: traceability, segregation and testing of high risk ingredients at critical control points. For more information visit: Non-GMO Project.

  • Kosher Certified

    Kosher in Hebrew, means that something is considered pure and therefore suitable for human consumption. It is a process of food production that adheres to dietary guidelines set forth in kosher laws that consists of several statutes. These statutes or laws explain which foods are allowed and which aren't. A rabbinic kosher specialist supervises these dietary rules.

    In short, after providing the list of ingredients used in production a rabbinic authority enters our production center and warehouse to ensure all processes, equipment and techniques adhere to kosher criteria.

    Furthermore, observing kosher is a historical, communal and personal commitment. It is in compliance to the will of the Creator. Therefore, in observing kosher criteria kindness; sensitivity towards animals; and attention to detail in everyday matters which self-control or self-discipline, etc. is practiced.

  • Keep Moving & Stay Healthy

    According to world-renowned motivational author and speaker, Louis Lynn Hay, the best definition for good health is the following:

    “Good health is having no fatigue, having a good appetite, going to sleep and awakening easily, having a good memory, having good humor, and having precision in thought and action; not being klutzy, being honest, humble, grateful and loving. How healthy are you?”

    Here, at Zors Food, we intend to provide a holistic and preventive approach to good health. Our starting point obviously being, first and foremost, well-balanced eating habits. We believe that the benefits that chia seeds can add to your diet and general well-being are harmonious with the principle of keep moving – stay healthy; it’s the drive that motivates us to go after our goals, overcome our weaknesses and persist in our aim at becoming the best version of ourselves for the betterment of ourselves, our relationship with others and our participation in society.

We have over 600 Tons of chia seed products ready for immediate delivery in Miami, FL and across the USA